Dimensional Cannabis: Collector’s Edition

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Dimensional Cannabis: Collector’s Edition

$275.00 $240.00

The world’s first pop up book about cannabis! Dimensional Cannabis is a new pop up book from Poposition Press covering six aspects of cannabis culture: paraphernalia, anatomy, history, medical, cultivation and cannabis culture. This one of a kind book is illustrated by artist Mike Giant and will be the highlight of your bookshelf!

The Collector’s Edition of Dimensional Cannabis includes:

  • The book with six pop up spreads and gold foil casewrap
  • Collector’s Edition foil stamped slipcase in green bookcloth
  • Set of 3 Enamel Pins plus another set with each pre-order
  • Pack of 4 Stickers
  • ‘Dope’ Art Print on Hemp Paper
  • ‘Gurus’ etched joint case by Elevate Accessories
  • 1 ‘Good Stuff’ t-shirt in green, black or red
  • A discounted pre-order price of $240 ($35 Off)

IMPORTANT: THIS IS A PRE-ORDER. All books and pre-order items will ship together. Estimated delivery is Fall of 2019. All pre-order customers will be sent periodic email production updates.

We will contact you via e-mail to get your shirt size and color prior to your order shipping out.

The world's first pop up book about cannabis! Dimensional Cannabis is a pop up book covering various aspects of cannabis culture. Produced and published by Poposition Press, the book is illustrated by Mike Giant with art direction from Kevin Steele. With six beautifully illustrated pop up spreads, this is sure to light up your book collection!

The pages in Dimensional Cannabis are:

  • Paraphernalia designed by Ray Marshall
  • Anatomy of Cannabis designed by David A. Carter
  • Cannabis History designed by SImon Arizpe
  • Medical Marijuana designed by Isabel Uria
  • Cannabis Cultivation designed by Roger Culbertson
  • Cannabis Culture designed by Kevin Steele

collector’s edition includes two sets of these sweet Pins

Black and White Marijuana Enamel Pin

Black & White

Reefer Red Marijuana Enamel Pin

Reefer Red

Ganja Green Cannabis Enamel Pin

Ganja Green